Hi and welcome to The DJ Den.

My name is Mark, and I’ve been in love with dance music and DJ’ing for many years, and set this website up as my little corner on the web where I can share my thoughts, hints, tips, reviews, and news on the scene(s).

I am a genuine person who has a love for all things to do with DJ’ing. In my time I’ve run club nights, produced music, and attended far too many raves to mention. Hopefully that passion for DJ’ing, the music, the events, and the lifestyle all comes through in my blog.

I don’t want this website to be just about me and my opinions on things though. I would love other people to contribute to The DJ Den website, so if that sounds like you and you want to get involved then please do get in touch.

For now though I am going let you explore the website and hopefully get some value from what I have put my heart and soul into.

Take care, and perhaps we will meet one day on the dancefloor or behind the decks!