Technics 1210 MK5 Turntables Not Powering Up – Try These Fixes

The classic Technics 1210 MK5s count as one of my most favorite set of DJ decks of all time, but they don’t come without their issues as you probably well know! If you take care of them well, they should stand the test of time, but with heavy duty usage, can become faulty.

One of the more common problems is a lack of power, or the Technics 1210 MK5’s not turning on. This could be for multiple reasons, but based on previous experiences of my beloved decks becoming faulty with a lack of power in most cases it will be a case of a blown fuse.

Below is an email that someone sent me recently, followed by my responses on possible fixes for a Technic 1210 MK5 turntable where the power is coming on.

Technics 1210 MK5s Not Switching On

“Everything is plugged in correctly to the power outlet, but no power is being sent to the turntable. No lights are coming on, I’ve switched everything off and on again, but still no luck. Can you help me out, or know why the power isn’t working and what can I do?” 

Check You Are Plugged In!

I know this is so obvious, but I’ve got so many cables running behind my deck set-up at home, that it’s not always easy to see which cable is going where. I’ve lost count of the amount of times I thought something was plugged in, when actually it wasn’t.

You might want to invest in some clear cable labels to help prevent this issue, or use some cable tidying and management systems such as these on Amazon which are ideal for DJs. 

Check Power Cables for Cuts, Kinks, or Damage

OK so first up you want to double check that there is no damage, cuts, or kinks in the power cables. This is the first thing I always do with a loss of power.

Simple I know, but you would be surprised at how many people miss this simple observation out.

Check That Fuses Haven’t Blown

Sometimes you can blow fuses if you connect into a power outlet which is too big or powerful. It can blow fuses in the table, so you will need to purchase new fuses.

On the MK5s there are two fuses on the power board. This is located underneath the platter. What you need to do is:

  1. Pull the platter up
  2. Unscrew 5 screws on the main circuit board cover
  3. On the left hand side you will notice a smaller circuit board
  4. Remove the fuse and if it is blown you will need a replacement

Don’t buy direct from Technics as they will be expensive. Instead get replacement fuses from an electronics shop or search some replacements out online – you can buy them on Amazon.

For further information, here’s a great video where a guy in England shows how to replace the fuses on Technics SL1210 MK2 – the process should be relatively similar for MK5s.

This shows how to check a fuse on a Technics turntable, and is an invaluable video for any DJ wanting to repair things themselves.

Check for Any Loose Internal Parts

You might have some loose elements inside of the turntable casing. My advice would be to disconnect any power cables, and then unscrew the deck and check for loose items.

Don’t shake the turntable, as you could end up causing further damage.

Again, there’s another great video on YouTube where a guy much more technically proficient than I claim to be, shows how to dismantle, service, and repair a power switch on a Technics turntable (MK2 version). Please note that there are 2 videos in this series, so watch both of them.

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